The company's mission is to meet the market demand for domestic blood products, based on a high professional level, own developments and modern technologies.
When each stage of production is under control - the use of international management and technological standards as part of the company's responsibility to the consumer.
When each process gives the best result - conducting business processes on the basis of an effective combination of accumulated experience in management and production, and the application of scientific and technological innovations.
When every day provides forward movement - continuous improvement of activities by applying the results of the analysis of current technological processes and the introduction of new scientific developments in immunobiology.
When each issue is solved in the optimal way - solving current problems and achieving set goals, taking into account the high professional level of specialists and their interaction.
Immunoglobulin complex-lyophilizate is used as part of complex therapy in the treatment of viral and bacterial intestinal infections in children from 1 month and adults.
Active pharmaceutical substance containing a complex of immunoglobulins of classes G, A, M.
It is used to maintain the osmotic pressure of normal plasma, regulate the volume of circulating blood, as well as ensure the transport function - the transfer of hormones, enzymes, drugs, and the elimination of toxins.
It is used for severe forms of bacterial and viral infections, the treatment of postoperative complications, and the treatment of generalized infections (sepsis).
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